How we get the best value

Assisting Clients to get the best value

Once we have found the right property, our service is just beginning.

We specialise in assisting clients with acquiring properties, and we pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We achieve this by employing various strategies throughout the acquisition process.

To start, we anticipate any potential liabilities that may arise in the future by conducting thorough due diligence. Based on our unique software we can access a database of over 18,000 sold properties to gauge the value of the property in question. Additionally, we consider which contents/fixtures should be included in a bid, what special terms should be agreed upon, and any other relevant factors.

We also employ confidentiality and/or lock-out agreements as needed to ensure that the acquisition process is as smooth and secure as possible. We use our creativity and imagination to ensure that every aspect of the acquisition is carefully considered and planned.

Once terms have been agreed upon, we maintain our involvement to ensure that the acquisition process proceeds smoothly. For instance, we can help instruct and agree upon the scope of a surveyor’s inspection, fees, and other important details. We also liaise with our clients’ solicitors to check title issues such as boundaries and easements on the ground, as required.

Finally, we check the local planning policy for the area and investigate the planning history of the property and its neighbors. We work diligently to solve any unexpected problems that may arise throughout the acquisition process, ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with the final outcome.