What we do

Established property search agents

Our clients are busy people and expect exceptional service; finding the right house can be an emotive, time consuming and – sometimes – an unexpectedly technical business.

We ensure that our clients get the best possible value. Having established just what they do – and do not – want from their property purchase, we make sure we leave no stone unturned in tracking down the right property.

As established property search agents in Kent and Sussex we know our areas intimately and we save wasted journeys by screening out the unsuitable, checking out the right properties and working with our clients right through the whole transaction.

How our experience counts

We know the people in the main selling agencies. We get to the right houses first. Great houses and quality locations sell quickly; agents respect our professionalism and advise us of the right properties – almost always before they are advertised or appear on the web. They appreciate the commitment of a buyer who retains us as their agents. We also maintain regular contact with all possible sources of information about fresh property and are frequently contacted by property owners direct.

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How we get the best value

Once we have found the right property, our service is just beginning.

We help negotiate the best possible acquisition by anticipating the liabilities a future survey might reveal, gauging value through reference of our extensive database of over 17,000 sold properties, considering which contents/fixtures should be included within a bid, what special terms should be agreed, etc. As well as employing confidentiality and/or lock-out agreements, as needed and using our imagination!

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Why choose us

We are chartered surveyors, with over fifty years’ experience. We know our area very well and we are wholly independent, acting only for buyers.  We do not work for more than ten – twelve clients at any one time and no two of our clients have the same requirements. We offer absolute confidentiality and our terms, like our service, are tailored to the individual’s needs

We frequently find ourselves advising our clients why they should not buy a property, rather than why they should.

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