Plus ca change? – the significance of running costs….

An interesting little book published in 1947 entitled ‘The Purchase of House Property’ came in our Christmas stocking;  what especially caught our eye was this section:

“Now for the choice of the house. You must decide on the maximum ‘cost’ that you are prepared to pay;  ‘cost’ in this sense does not just mean the initial purchase price, but also the yearly outgoings.

The effect of the latter is emphasised by the fact that many large old houses are in the market at prices of £400 to £600 (!) – not because they are in bad condition or their neighbourhoods have deteriorated, but because the rates are high and the cost of heating and lighting are great. Consequently the price has to be reduced to entice buyers from modern, economic dwellings.

What might quite easily be covered now may become impossible with increasing financial burden such as a growing family.  It is therefore imperative that these should be carefully judged.”

All seems remarkably prescient, given the issues raised last August in our blog ‘Going green: is it worth it?’.