The five best ways of speeding up the buying and selling process.

The government has announced a review into ways of speeding up the house buying and selling process – but, surely, this is not rocket science!.

What are the five key causes of delay – and how can these be overcome?

1. Lack of preparedness – owners only starting to do their homework when a sale has been agreed


2. Buyers not having agreed a mortgage in principle


3. Lack of urgency on the part of conveyancers, both in getting the contract pack out and responding to enquiries


4. Delays in obtaining Local Authority searches


5. Delay in lenders producing mortgage valuation/offer

It doesn’t take a parliamentary committee to see how the current average of 18 working days between agreement and exchange of contracts (source NAEA) could be easily reduced to the 20 working days that were commonly achieved before the days of computerisation!